Horrors of Auschwitz

When i arrived at the camp Germans were being hauled into trucks and taken to prison. it was a scary sight, there were over 100 barracks all next to each other. I looked inside to see what I might find, the sign on the outside of the barracks read "damas" in German meaning women. Looking inside scared me and made me sick to my stomach, Upon opening it there came a stench so strong and horrendous it made the hair on your neck stand up and made you gag. There was blood everywhere, and in the bunks were dead women in rows and in between them were the few remaining living ones huddling the dead bodies for what little warmth they could get. Few soldiers were able to help from how bad the smell was and how saddening it was to look at. The ones that could stomach the atrocity for a short period of time told the women they were free and are able to go home. The women wept thanking the men, kissing their feet. Looking at them made me start to cry as well, their bodies were only skin and bone, you couldn't see anything else on them. I could not believe we only went to one bunker so far. the men's was exactly the same, naked bodies huddled everywhere. some had clothes but they were just rags that could not stop the cold from piercing your body. The next bunker was for children, before going inside many soldiers asked if they did not have to go inside for this bunker, the commanding officer was telling them that they had to move on. Inside it; there were only two children saying that they weren't Jews. All of the other children were killed in the gas chambers or at the "Hospital" having tests performed on them. After all of the barracks were gone through and remaining survivors were giving clothing, they were given food but couldn't eat any of it, they would throw it up from not having any right nutrition for long periods of time. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower Made all of the army he controlled tour the camp so that nobody could deny the horrors that happened. many soldiers threw up and were weeping throughout the tour. There was a man that some soldiers were talking about, who's name in a book was scheduled to die two weeks from now. looking at him made everyone who heard about it cry. One thing we can never do is to forget what happened, Never Forget.